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Hi! I'm grateful you landed here on my website to learn more about me and my music. 

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Sarah. I am a singer-songwriter living in the Santa Cruz mountains in California. I write songs that speak from my experiences as a deep feeler, a spiritual seeker and a wisdom carrier. 

My music honors the beautiful multidimensionality of the human experience and invites my listeners to feel right along with me, guided by my ethereal vocals and balance of vulnerability and power. I draw inspiration from both my inner and outer landscapes - spinning lyrical metaphors that point to the parallels between the cycles of nature and life. I weave sounds from around the world and across the ages.

It is my deepest intent to be of service with my music. May it be a blessing to you and those you share it with. 

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After the Winter, Sarah Songbird’s debut album of original music, chronicles the emotional journey from the dark night of the soul into the light of exalted celebration of life itself. The songs tell stories of lessons learned through inner tending in times of personal turmoil and point to simple and eternal truths that guide, soothe, and inspire. After the Winter contains a fusion of styles influenced by sounds from around the world and is infused with an overarching sense of hope. Throughout the music, Sarah’s ethereal vocals balance vulnerability and power, buoyed by rich instrumental coloration.

Learn about my newest recording project and donate to my Kickstarter!

I am excited to share that I have begun a brand new recording project entitled "Home Birth" alongside my song sister Chelsea Marie, as part of our collaborative duo "Mamita Experience." Follow the link below for all of the details and to help us make it happen!


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