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About me.

Hi! I'm Sarah. My love of music has spanned my lifetime. I began performing in musical theater productions as a youth and later discovered a deep connection to music as an essential aspect of my spiritual and personal growth paths. As I connected with my voice in times of trials and rejoicing, I discovered my gifts as a songwriter, with songs beginning to pour in and through me in 2016. In the portal of major relationship transitions my first song came to me with the wisdom I needed to hear and feel in order to keep walking even in the midst of immense pain.

Bits and pieces of tunes made themselves known to me in moments of surrender, usually at the edge of the ocean where I went to ask for guidance. There, beauty seeped into the cracks of a broken open heart. Grief and hope and faith swirled and made love with Art, and danced up and out of me, medicine for my own Soul. As this unfolded, I reconnected with my Self, with my gifts, with my essence, redefining and remembering who I am and who I know myself to be - as a sovereign being, as a woman, as "Sarah."


After about a year of this, at my 30th birthday party, I declared to an intimate group of some of my most beloved blood and soul family that I am a singer and a songwriter and that I am going to begin to share the music that is moving through me in earnest.


I then spent another year gestating in this newly declared identity, receiving songs, working with them and exploring my first musical collaborations. I was approached by a friend who had heard me sing in a women’s singing circle and was asked to share my music at an event she was coordinating. I booked my first gig! It was April 2019. That following year I relished in the rich growth experiences of sharing my heart songs with my community. I watched as time after time opportunities came right to my doorstep, and my jaw dropped in awe as I witnessed the path of my music unfolding right before my eyes, finding its own way and bringing me along with it.


I am humbled and reassured by the reflections of those whose hearts have been touched by the words and vibrations of my songs. Yes, indeed, I have opened myself to be a vessel for Music to come through - for healing, for love, for joy, and for remembrance of what we all actually know to be true deep deep down inside. My songs have gotten me through some of the hardest times I have lived through so far, and they have helped me capture the essence of the greatest joy I have felt in this life.


I continue to cultivate my relationship to my own sound and strengthen my knowing of the power of music to be a conduit for healing. My wish is that my music be a blessing that ripples out and touches hearts, cracking open the floodgates of Sacred Grief and Love. My music is a fusion of styles influenced by sounds from around the world and is infused with meaningful messages to guide, soothe, and inspire. My songs invite my listeners to feel right along with me. 

Lifting my voice in praise and remembrance of simple and eternal Truth, I commit to following my soul's mission to "Amplify the Goodness" and honor the beautiful multidimensionality of the human experience. 

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