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“If you don't know Sarah, her spirit is pure joy! Her music is pure beauty and inspiration! Let's help her get her voice out into the world. We could all use an extra burst of her songbird medicine!”

- Heather Houston

“I believe in art that heals and transforms beings. Sarah's art is medicina!”

- Katie Ventura

“This woman has one of the most beautiful voices I have had the honor of hearing in my life!  Really! I want everyone to be able to experience the healing beauty she transmits through her voice and presence.”

- Melanie Myers

“She has the voice of an angel and her lyrics and songs are medicinal.”

- Asher Stern

“Sarah Songbird - your music melts my heart and moves me in consciousness and I already KNOW with 200% conviction that this album is being brought forth as the Divine Right Medicine for so many in their Healing, Growing, Becoming journeys. Thank YOU for Blessing us with your music, for allowing the Spirit to move through you, for sharing your gifts and for being authentically you. I cannot wait to be cleansed and purified and held by the entirety of your album. Your music has already been such a balm to my heart during the most tender of times.”

- Ashley Rose

“This beautiful human has a gift from the Divine and a heart to match.”

-Mona Cee

“If you haven't experienced her voice, it's like being tickled and cuddled by tiny little angels and fairies. Like every cell in your body is getting massaged with the Divine. She is a channel for love, and her songs are so needed on the planet right now. They are medicine.”

- Erika Neely

"I’ve been chanting 'release release release let go' over and over again… relaxing into the wisdom is so beautiful. Thank you for being a conduit for these healing frequencies of your music."

-Laura Segelman

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